Introdution of the company.
We would like to introduce ZIEHL-MEWA as a supplier of metal frames for desks and furniture fittings.

With their two business units office furniture systems and furniture fittings the company is a partner of the furniture industry and hardware dealers since decades.
The business unit office furniture systems is mainly active in office furniture industries. The deliver program includes various standard lines as well as products according to our customs drawings.

The most important standard lines are:


Sit-stand work stations

- Desk frames with legs made from tubes ø 60 / 30x30 / 50x50 and other dimensions
- Flexible frames with various design of side legs
- Supports and legs for cupboards
- CPU-holder, printer stands PC work stations
- C-leg work station systems with various kinds of height adjustment


Our own painting equipment allows to epoxy coat the goods in each colour.

The business line furniture fittings delivers:

- Drawer slides
- Sliding door fittings

TV swivels


Upholstery fittings


The most important points in our business are high standards of quality and short lead times.
Please find attached an illustrated summary of the product range.